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Inspiring Peace, One Breath At A Time

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Our Initiatives

2 Inspire Peace partners with organizations and communities to develop programming and forums that provide education and access to resources to increase mental health awareness through the use of social emotional arts and restorative practices. Programs such as Hip and Healing, PH Balance Open Mics and Compassion Fatigue Retreats are some of the opportunities that the Art Inspired Healing Collective creates to target the disparity of mental health and support in underserved communities.         

2 Inspire Peace continues to create space for volunteers or generous hearts to assist with achieving the mission and vision of our organization. Donation and sponsorship opportunities as well as how you can support our programming can be found on our website. 


Our Mission

2 Inspire Peace is a collective of artists who seek to eradicate the stigma around mental health in communities lacking resources to combat challenges associated with mental health. Here at 2 Inspire Peace, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources to further our cause. We empower others to become more self aware and embrace their art as a means of healing. 

Our mission is to decrease physical and mental stress by increasing self-awareness and mindfulness through mental health first aid training, restorative practices and holistic art inspired healing techniques.

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Recent News

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Would you like to volunteer with 2 Inspire Peace or any of our affiliate organizations?

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