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Did you know that 130 people die by suicide everyday?

Did you know that not only are depression and anxiety the leading mental illnesses in the nation but also Texas and Dallas County?

Did you know the lower the income, the higher the incidence of mental illness?

Our Why: 2 Inspire Peace and Be Natural are raising funds to build capacity to provide restorative, art inspired and wellness programs for the community to increase mental health awareness.

We believe that no one should have to cope with a mental health challenge or punitive consequences if mental health awareness, resources, and restorative practices can be offered as a resolution. We believe no one should have to suffer in silence or stigmatized because of a mental health challenge.

You can help us empower our communities. You can help us create more of these opportunities and reduce costs for needed services and resources so that no community member has to make the choice to live in isolation or feel unsupported while experiencing a mental health challenge or situation in which rehabilitation isn't available. You can help us make a difference in someone's life.

Are you with us?

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